Synthetic Turf Installations

Innovating Artificial Turf Landscaping Solutions

Everyone dreams of having a lawn that’s the talk of the neighborhood. Our premium artificial
grass delivers exactly that, offering customers a stunning, envy-inducing space.

As an artificial turf installation contractor, our purpose is to provide high-quality artificial grass
products and installation services to customers, enabling them to create safe, durable, and
aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Our wide range of artificial grass provides turf for both residential and commercial areas.
Whether you are a landscaper who is looking to lay down synthetic grass for a job or a
homeowner who is looking for an easy-to-keep-up-with lawn, we have the right turf for you. We
use only high-quality products with our expert installation.

Select the type of artificial grass you want to emulate, and let us make it perfect for you,

Some Applications

  • Landscaping Turf
  • Pet & Dog Turf
  • Golf & Putting Green Turf
  • Sports & Fitness Turf
  • Playground Turf

Tree & Stump Removal Services



Tree removal service is something that the average person should not attempt to do. Tree removal services should be left to tree professionals. Tree removal, tree trimming and tree pruning is something that can be very dangerous.

At Ricky’s Lawn and Landscape, we offer a custom approach to tree removal that is guaranteed to match your needs and budget. Our skilled, insured tree removal professionals guarantee that the job will be done safely and expertly.

Professional tree removal is essential for the safety of your home and property. We offer expert tree removal services including: hazardous tree removal, stump grinding and removal, tree trimming, dead branch removal, storm damage tree removal.


Tree Trimming

While many homeowners in the Northern Virginia area use tree trimming services to ensure the magnificent appearance of their property, tree trimming is also vital to extend the life and health of your trees.  Additionally, we can trim your trees to the shape or size you want.


Tree Trimming For Safety

Fairfax County Virginia is subject to a variety of challenging weather including thunderstorms, the occasional winter ice storm, and even tornadoes. If your tree branches are too large and heavy, this could cause significant damage to your home and property during a storm.  Call on Ricky’s Lawn and Landscape to take care of your trees before a storms hit!



Stump Grinding



Do you have one or more unsightly tree stumps on your property? Whether they were left there by a previous owner or you never got around to finishing a lot clearing project, the stumps are there  taking up valuable yard space.  Give Ricky’s Lawn & Landscape  a call! Our professional  stump grinding service can grind your stumps into nothing and have your land cleared.

When you trust us to execute our renowned tree trimming services on your property, you will receive:

  • Professional Quality Tree Trimming
  • Stump Grinding Services
  • Customized Tree Trimming Services
  • Courteous and Respectful Customer Service
  • Prompt and Timely Service


Our equipment is designed to ensure your property is cleared without causing major damage to your yard. We use a walk-behind stump grinder. The advantage of a walk-behind stump grinder is it doesn’t require our truck to drive on your property to perform our stump removal service riosking damage to your lawn.

Our team of extensively experienced tree service and stump removal professionals know how to handle your problem effectively, so you’ll be free to replace your stump with whatever plant life you would like.

We leave your site clean. We chop the tree branches and haul away the resulting wood chips from any  tree cutting or stump removal process.  Many of our customers ask us to spread the resulting wood chips in mulch beds, playground areas,  or elsewhere.  Let us know if this is something you may be interested in.


New Lawn Sodding



Ricky’s Lawn and Landscaping can transform your lawn in a matter of hours with our lawn sodding service. Sod is simply healthy grass that has been grown on a sod farm. It is cut into rolls. The sod has about 2 inches of dirt with it so that the roots stay intact. It works well to immediately address lawn damage due to new construction work.


What to Expect from Our Lawn Sodding Service

  • Accurate measurement of the sodding area
  • Prepare the ground area
  • Install freshly cut sod


Watering Recommendation:

The last thing you want is for the grass to die. Make sure and water properly and thoroughly several times a day. The sod needs a lot of water to start growing its roots into your new yard.

Water the sod 2-3 times daily for short intervals for 10 to 14 days.

After the sod begins to “knit” and is hard to pull up in the middle of each sod piece, begin to water once a day for a longer time period. Do this for about 1 week.

Then water every other day for 2 weeks.

After established. One inch of precipitation per week is recommended.


How Do I Get Started?

To inquire about our Lawn Sodding Service , just call (571)286-6491 and make an appointment . A free estimate will be given to you.

Spring Clean-Up & Mulching



Spring cleanup and mulching service opens up the mulch bed areas in the spring: cleaning of weeds/debris from winter, re defining bed edges, trimming as needed, spreading a fresh layer of mulch to give a fresh uniformed look for spring.  The proper mulching of your flower, shrubbery, and trees landscape bedding will not only give your property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, but it will also drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Mulching also helps with erosion control as well as keeping dirt from splashing up on your flowers, home, and hardscape features when it rains. We can help you decide which type of mulch would be best for your needs, and we can calculate the amount your landscape needs. Best of all, we will install the mulch exactly and as it is needed.


Benefits to Mulching

  • Adds nutrients to the beds to help with healthy plant growth
  • Helps to reduce weed germination and growth
  • Helps retain soil moisture, protecting plants from drying out quickly
  • Reduces erosion
  • Moderates soil temperature fluctuations
  • Protects plant roots from winter
  • Mulch will give beds a uniform, well-cared for look


The Ricky’s Lawn and Landscaping Service Advantage:

Existing plant beds to be weeded and edged for definition. Pruning of plants and shrubs (less than 15 feet in height) will be performed as seasonally appropriate at time of service to maintain proper shape. Premium dark brown double-shredded hardwood mulch will be spread to maintain approx. 2-3” depth throughout existing beds.

Trimming and Pruning (Hedges & Shrubs)



Professional Pruning and Trimming is needed to help your landscape flourish. Our professional pruning services will enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs. Pruning will also help you preserve the strength and stature of the plant. Trimming addresses care concerns such as safety, structural integrity, shape and appearance.

Maintenance tree pruning preserves or improves tree health and structure. Special care is taken to encourage structural integrity, appearance, tree safety and the overall health of your trees.

Ricky’s Lawns and Landscaping service advantage:Pruning of plants and shrubs (less than 15 feet in height) will be performed 2 times per season to maintain proper shape, as seasonally appropriate. Properties that require more frequent visits will be an additional charge.



Late Spring- Trimming

Pruning of plants/shrubs/perennials that have finished blooming, evergreen shrubs/plants, cut back branches too close to house.

Late Summer- Trimming

Pruning of plants/shrubs/perennials that have finished blooming, evergreen shrubs/plants, cut back branches too close to house.


Brick, Stone, & Concrete Walkways / Sidewalks


We can design a new walkway for you using flagstone, brick, or pavers combined with a new stoop or steps. We can transform the entrance to your property. If your older walkway has cracks or problems, we would be happy to repair them. Call for a free estimate today.