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Landscape Lighting Services

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Lighting Check Up. Our maintenance program consists of thoroughly checking every aspect of your system on an annual basis. Our team will check your timer for proper settings including: Current, Turn on and Turn off time, check photo cell for functionality, wipe lenses (in ground applications) and if necessary adjust your lights. This annual service ensures your lighting stays beautiful and worry-free all year. We can provide the maintenance in a convenient and timely manner, making your outdoor lighting maintenance one less thing you have to worry.

Benefits of Custom Landscape Lighting

Lighting is just as important outdoors as it is indoors. Lending character and curb appeal to your home, Kingstowne landscape lighting services deliver a number of additional benefits:

Practical elegance

The right outdoor lighting scheme creates beautiful ambiance while allowing you to get more hours out of your landscape investment.

Added safety & security.

Virginia outdoor lighting protects your family and guests: deterring intruders, improving visibility and allowing safe travel along pathways.

Energy efficiency.

Ricky's Lawn & Landscape uses LED, low voltage and solar solutions that produce high-quality light while limiting energy use.

Worry-free maintenance

Professional landscape lighting designs are low maintenance: functioning year-round and switching on automatically at dusk. In addition, our team recommends premium fixtures that last for years and include comprehensive warranties.


Our technicians take your short- and long-term plans into account when designing and installing your lighting system, so it’s easy to add on anytime.

Ricky's Lawn & Landscape understands the art and science of lighting design, repair and maintenance. Enhancing your property’s unique architecture, we provide lighting effects for patios, decks, outdoor living areas, gardens, xeriscapes, driveways, entryways, walkways, pools, water features and more. Lighting options include:

Spot lights

Accent lights



Security lighting

Low voltage lighting


Path lights

Uplights & downlights

Swimming pool & fountain lighting

LED lighting

Specialty lighting

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ailoring each outdoor lighting scheme to meet your security objectives, personal taste and budget requirements, our expertise is backed by years of training and experience. To request a landscape lighting consultation, call 571-286-6491 or connect with us online!